For over 85 years Colon Michigan has been recognized throughout the world as THE Magic Capital Of The World. Through these past 8 decades entertainers (especially magicians) have called Colon Michigan 'home'. When the Hill Opera House was still in existence it became a magnet for touring shows and performers and later was used for the magic gettogethers held every year. Let's explore some of these wonderful entertainers and their impact on Colon Michigan's rich entertainment heritage. 

Harry Blackstone Sr.  - 1885 - 1965. First came to Colon with his wife Inez. Teamed with Percy Abbott in a short lived business venture called The Blackstone Magic Company. Toured the United States with one of the largest illusion shows of the century. (Final Resting Place Colon Lakeside Cemetery)

Percy Abbott - 1886 - 1960: Founded the Abbott Magic Company in 1934  - raised his family in  Colon and started the annual Magic Gettogethers. (Final Resting Place Cremation - Ashes located at The FAB Magic Company) 

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Monk Watson - 

Recil Bordner

Colon Michigan Personalities

Neil & Jeanne Foster

Skippy LaMore